About Jordan

Jordan Evans is a community advocate, public speaker, and municipal elected official residing within Charlton, Massachusetts. She uses her privilege and visibility to promote greater inclusivity and understanding within her society and has addressed numerous professional organizations, student bodies, and members of Local, State, and Federal Government agencies. She has bylines in the Advocate, the CommonWealth Magazine, the Houston Chronicle, and the Kansas City Star. Jordan holds both a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Worcester State University and an Associate Degree in the Liberal Arts from Quinsigamond Community College. She is a lifetime member of Phi Alpha Theta.

Public Servant


She was first elected to the Board of Trustees of the Charlton Public Library in 2015 to fill out a vacancy, and then re-elected for two terms where she has since served as Vice-Chairwoman. She was also elected as Constable during that same year. Alongside her electoral responsibilities, she has served her community as the Chairwoman of the local Registrar of Voters from 2013 until 2018 and was the secretary of the ad hoc Charlton Government Study Committee from 2015 to 2016. Jordan is the 2019 recipient of the Safe Homes Public Service Award for her work within her community as an openly queer individual.

Educational Enthusiast and Cultural Advocate

Screenshot at 2019-05-10 18-40-06A passionate advocate of education and the arts, Jordan has served on the Charlton Cultural Council since 2011 in a number of roles including grant coordinator, social media director, and chairwoman. Seeking to promote a sustainable interest in cultural exploration and growth, she oversaw the council’s first grant award gala and continues to act as the public face of the council in town affairs. Jordan is deeply involved with the Dudley-Charlton Education Foundation as the duly elected recording secretary and has been a twice-guest speaker at the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District sponsored Central Massachusetts Gender and Sexuality Alliance Open Forum. She has also coordinated Colors, an educational support program for LGBTQIA+ members who exist at the intersection of the disability community, since 2017 through the Seven Hills Foundation, Inc.

Civil Rights Activist

5998eb7751adf.imageJordan has a firm commitment to civil rights and the fight to bring awareness to systemic injustices plaguing the marginalized within our society. She was a fervent advocate for the passage of the 2016 transgender public accommodations bill and worked alongside such organizations as Freedom for Massachusetts to lobby lawmakers on Beacon Hill. Later, she was involved with local canvassing efforts and successfully fought for the Charlton Board of Selectmen and the Charlton Public Library to formally join the Yes On 3 campaign coalition to preserve transgender public accommodation rights in Massachusetts. As the only openly transgender elected official with membership in the Republican Party, she has used her position of privilege to work with national queer rights organizations like Log Cabin Republicans and Trans United Fund to help advance the cause of greater inclusivity and acceptance. In 2017, she briefed members of the Department of Education on the importance of transgender student rights and coauthored “Transgender Student Safety and Equality For All Students”, a white paper in response to the Trump Administration’s decision in February of 2017 to rescind the Obama Administration era transgender student guidance.

Republican Officer

In 2013, Jordan worked alongside other local Massachusetts Republicans to reorganize the Charlton Republican Town Committee. As an officer of the Charlton RTC, Jordan has served as the party endorsed member of the local Registrar of Voters and currently serves as recording secretary. She stood as a candidate for delegate to the Republican National Convention during the 2016 party caucuses and was a twice-elected state delegate to both the 2014 and 2018 Massachusetts Republican Party State Conventions. She is a member of the National Log Cabin Republicans and is currently involved with the reorganization of the Massachusetts chapter.

Ballot Access Reformer

Jordan briefly worked then-Massachusetts State Representative Dan Winslow in 2013 to assist in garnering support for a set of ballot access bills that sought to ease the burden of signature requirements of candidates for office and redefine the meaning of “party designation”. She presented her undergraduate thesis “Ballot Access as Part of the American Political System”, where she analyzed cultural and societal impacts on ballot access law, at the New England Historical Association’s 2015 Spring conference as a panelist on the topic of American identity. She is an occasional contributor to Independent Political Report where she reports on alternative party activity. A proponent of electoral reform and investing in ways to strengthen access to our democratic institutions, she has been an open advocate of organizations such as Voter Choice Massachusetts and the adoption of ranked choice voting within the Commonwealth.

Jordan can be contacted via email, social media, or through her site in regards to media inquiries, questions, and public speaking invitations.

The views expressed on this site are strictly her own and do not necessarily represent the views of any aforementioned departments, committees, and agencies she has worked with unless otherwise stated.

10 thoughts on “About Jordan

  1. Hello Jordan, my name is Carson and I’m from San Diego, California. I’m openly bisexual and a Republican. At my school there is a small community of LGBTQ Republicans that want to thank you for being a model for us, and that we are not alone. You are very inspirational, especially to my friend Naomi who is a closeted non-binary republican. Best Wishes! (PS RUN FOR HIGHER OFFICE!!!!)

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