For Immediate Release

For the past four years, I’ve had the privilege of serving the Charlton community as a faithfully elected public servant. The ability to work toward bettering the library that we all love is an honor. I’m proud to have modernized our nondiscrimination policy, established a formal policy governing our social media presence, and declared our library a public accommodation proudly inclusive of all residents who seek to take advantage of the many resources it has to offer—regardless of gender identity. I am also fortunate to serve as one of our Town Constables, where I’ve used my position to increase awareness of the importance of proper training and access to resources, as well as the need for a responsible budget to achieve such training goals. It’s for these reasons that I’m formally announcing my intent to seek re-election to both the Board of Trustees of the Charlton Public Library and as Town Constable. [READ MORE]

Trans (and Republican) in the time of Trump

An exerpt from my latest at the CommonWealth Magazine: "The LGBTQ+ community doesn’t need fair-weather friends. The community needs loud allies, allies who not only vote when it matters but shout that they’ve voted. The community needs allies who stand against dangerous ballot initiatives, dangerous language in our Republican Party platform, and, most importantly, stand as candidates themselves."