In 2015, I was fortunate enough to present my undergraduate thesis “Ballot Access as Part of the American Political System” as part of a panel on identity to attendees of the New England Historical Association’s 2015 spring conference. Focusing on topics such as ballot access law, questionable and inconsistent legal precedents, media influence, and the unique private-public relationship that major political parties have in our political arena, I sought to address institutional concerns I saw with our current system. Many of the examples I discussed were not widely publicized, ambiguously addressed by mainstream political media, or otherwise openly ignored. It’s my hope that I can compile a discussion of some of these events in order to foster a dialogue that will strengthen our political system as a whole and make society more inclusive to all voices seeking to take a peaceful role within our electoral process.

I will periodically update this section as I create more content, secure more interviews, and get gradually closer to eventual publication.