SPECIAL TOWN ELECTION RESULTS FOR THE TOWN OF CHARLTON 4 OUT OF 4 PRECINCTS REPORTING (100%) BALLOT QUESTION Shall the Town of Charlton be allowed to exempt from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, so-called, the amounts required to pay for the bonds issued in order to pay costs of constructing and equipping a new … Continue reading 8/13/2019 SPECIAL TOWN ELECTION RESULTS — CHARLTON, MASS.

For Immediate Release

For the past four years, I’ve had the privilege of serving the Charlton community as a faithfully elected public servant. The ability to work toward bettering the library that we all love is an honor. I’m proud to have modernized our nondiscrimination policy, established a formal policy governing our social media presence, and declared our library a public accommodation proudly inclusive of all residents who seek to take advantage of the many resources it has to offer—regardless of gender identity.